Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Miracle at the Higher Grounds Cafe

Chelsea Chamber's life is in shambles; the cafe she inherited comes with an enormous debt and a dwindling clientele, she is seeking a divorce from her husband and her son resents that decision. But things change when she hires a bumbling assistant named Manny, who helps her run the cafe and installs a mysterious new router that only accesses on website: The God Blog. Guests can ask God one question, and He will answer. Chelsea is skeptical and bitter about her past, but she learns that miracles happen when you call on God.
This was a really creative and cozy story from beginning to end. It's not the most complex story, but I enjoyed the underlying currents of forgiveness, love, and um... coffee. So grab a large cappuccino and box of Kleenex, and enjoy the journey!
I received a free e-copy of this book compliments of Thomas-Nelson publishing in exchange for my honest review.

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