Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Miracle in a Dry Season

When Perla Long shows up in a small Virginia town, she only hopes to start a new life with her daughter while avoiding unwanted attention. However, when hard times hit the town and Perla uses her God-given talent to feed them, the questions start flying. Casewell Phillips, a bachelor, seems to be the only person in the town who believes in Perla and supports her. But can the two of the weather the storm of animosity that is brewing against them? Now Perla must decide if she will use her gift to help those who need it, or if she will let the condemnation of the others stop her.
While I appreciated the elements of forgiveness, serving others, and doing the right thing even when it's not popular; I couldn't entirely get into the story itself. Not that there was anything wrong with it necessarily, it just didn't "click" with me. It was good enough to keep me reading, however, and if you enjoy romantic/historical type reads, it may be your cup of tea.

I received a free copy of this book through Bethany House Publishers in exchange for my honest review

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