Sunday, January 27, 2013

Love Comes Softly

Love Comes Softly (Love Comes Softly, #1)Love Comes Softly by Janette Oke

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

When Marty's husband is killed, she is left all alone in a strange land amongst strange people. Then Widower Clark Davis suggests a "marriage of convenience" so his daughter Missy can have a mother and Marty can have a home. Marty knows she needs Clark although she doesn't love him and agrees to the arrangement. After months of heartbreak and sorrow, Marty and Clark learn to love each other and make a happy family.
     I had a few problems with this book. First of all, in one part Missy, who is not yet 2 years old, sneaks out of the house and walks more than a mile to find her daddy. That's totally unrealistic. Besides the fact that a mile would be a very taxing journey for so small a child, how could she really know where her daddy was and not get lost or hurt looking for him?
  Second of all the hicky language was a bit annoying. I don't mind some of that, but this was totally overdone. For example one sentence reads: "Iffen I can jest stick it our fer thet wagon train, then I'll be a goin' out of this wretched place so fast ya won't even find my tracks". I have lived in the South all my life and I've never heard anybody talk that bad!
   Lastly, it just wasn't well written. The characters and the story seem kind of flat and one dimensional. You don't really feel the characters emotions much either.
   Overall, I didn't hate it and it was interesting to read since I have seen the movie, but in my opinion the movie is much better than this particular book.

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