Sunday, December 30, 2012

The Adventures of Daniel Boone, The Kentucky Rifleman

The Adventures of Daniel Boone: The Kentucky Rifleman (Dodo Press)The Adventures of Daniel Boone: The Kentucky Rifleman by Uncle Philip

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Daniel  Boone. His very name evokes images of adventure, courage, and heroism.
This little book is a great tribute to the legendary frontiersman. It is told in an easy, folk-tale style that makes it very entertaining to read. It contains a lot of actual facts, and a smattering of legend that make it so lovable. For example, in one section Boone is being chased by Indians, so he ducks behind a tree to hide. When the Indians get close, he steps out a bit and an Indian shoots at him. He neatly dodges the ball and steps back behind his tree. He then repeats that process until the Indians guns are empty and he runs away.
     If you are interested in Daniel Boone, I highly recommend this book.

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