Tuesday, December 4, 2012

For Christmas Day, A Poem By Amy Carmichael

For Christmas Day

 Did Mary say to Joseph tenderly,

"Such little hands, such little feet! They be

Like little shells we've found beside the sea,

The sea of Galilee"?

And did wise Joseph answer, "For love's sake

Our love shall shelter Him, enclose, and hold,

As the low hills about that silver lake

shelter it, fold on fold"?

Across the stable, like a wind - a breath-

" The wicked have enclosed Me," it saith.

"Thou hast brought Me into the dust of death."

Into the dust of death.

And then did Joseph in father-like surprise,

As round his his finger little fingers curled,

Call smiles and tears to Mary's mother-eyes?

He clings Who'll save the world.

And as The Child in His soft manger lay,

Did gentle oxen in their language say,

"A mangerful  of our sweet-smelling hay-

Our gift this Christmas day"?

Again that breath - An unregarded tree

Is growing somewhere, making wood to be,

One awful day, the cross of Calvary.

The cross of Calvary.

O Lord, we adore Thee!

The wicked did enclose Thee;

Pierced were Thy hands and feet for us - for me -

O Child of Bethlehem,

Christ our dear Redeemer,

We come and adore Thee,

We come and adore Thee,

We come and adore Thee,

 Christ our Lord.


  1. This is Lovely, Birdie. thanks for sharing:)

  2. That is a beautiful poem, I like to dabble in writing things like this and love to read what others jot down.
    thanks for sharing

    Paula O(kyflo130@yahoo.com)