Thursday, October 25, 2012

The Life of Daniel BooneThe Life of Daniel Boone by Lyman Copeland Draper

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This is an extremely in-depth book about Daniel Boone, though the manuscript was actually never finished and this book does not tell about the end of Boone's life. Still, that's just as well as the end of his life was really sad, and I prefer the book to end while he's still happy and lively.If you want to really learn about Daniel Boone, I could not recommend a better book. This is absolutely fascinating, I honestly don't know why anyone would need a fictional account of his life; his real life reads almost like fiction! I love the part where Daniel and his men are surrounded by Indians and Daniel assumes they all will be killed. "Boys, we are gone" he says"let us sell our lives as dearly as we can." I also love it when he rescues his kidnapped daughter and her friends. A terrific amount of research went into this, you will learn a lot about the real frontier in this book.

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